Whatever Happened to Iris Wildthyme? is an Iris Wildthyme audio play from Big Finish, written by Cavan Scott.

Blurb Edit

Iris is living the life she always dreamt of, swanning from one party to the next. From the swinging Sixties to the roaring Twenties to Freddie Mercury's 40th birthday bash via Ancient Rome, Iris has become the ultimate party girl. What more could she want? But who are those sinister ticking figures hiding in the mist? Is Brother Fred really a Metro Gnome? Why are partygoers snapping out of existence? And who is this 'Sexual Harassment Panda' she keeps talking about?

Trivia Edit

The title is a play on the 1970s tv series, Whatever Happened to The Likely Lads?, starring James Bolam and Rodney Bewes, which was itself a play on the title of the 1962 motion picture, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? in which Joan Crawford and Bette Davies played the roles of Terry Collier and Bob Ferris.

The 1986 DC Comics story, Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? has been adjudged to be essentially unrelated, owing more to The Stranglers' 1977, 7 inch vinyl disc pop music single recording, No More Heroes, which lyrically poses the question "Whatever happened to the heroes?" and does not directly or indirectly appear indebted to either Collier or Ferris.

Furthermore, the 1981 Splodgenessabounds song, Anarchy Chaos Stanley Ogden, asks the question 'Whatever happened to Ena Sharples?' There is a persistent rumour that Iris modelled one of her regenerations specifically on the actress Violet Carson's long-standing role from Coronation Street.

The 1991 TV Movie, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, starring Lynn and Vanessa Redgrave, is not believed to be linked to this audio at all, but is believed to be based upon Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane, a 2007 episode of (yet another) spin-off from Doctor Who series "The Sarah Jane Adventures", featuring the character Tegan Jovanka, played by Sarah Sutton.

Fascinatingly, to all right-thinking individuals, Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? clearly owes its title to the 1994 BBC Radio 4 Doctor Who spin-off, Whatever Happened to Susan Foreman? which although made as a deliberate satire and largely inconsistent with established lore is considered by many devoted 'Doctorvians' as a valid part of the 'Doctorverse'. The recasting of Jane Asher as Susan in the radio comedy no doubt influences her casting as Sarah Jane's replacement in the television show.