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Weapons Grade Snake Oil Edit

Weapons Grade Snake Oil by Blair Bidmead is the fourth full length Faction Paradox novel published by Obverse Books.

Synopsis Edit

When the Great Houses anchored (in effect, created) history some of them equivocated and worried that they needed a back-up just in case they failed. Thus the Second second was created. It fell, as ancient artefacts from before the dawn of time are want to do, into the annals of legend, and then myth.

Now, this myth has been recovered and is in the hands of the universe's premiere gambling empire, and Father Christémas of Faction Paradox has decided the Second second deserves to reside in the hands of none other than the Faction itself. In order to fulfil this, he collects a motley crew of renegades, pirates and a rogue time machine with a penchant for disguising itself as a giant squid (not to mention an empathic robotic mammoth).

Characters Edit

  • Sojourner Hooper-Agogô (President, former revolutionary, former miner, former Cousin)
  • L-Event (empathic robot mammoth)
  • Anne Bonny (pirate)
  • The Hussar (renegade Houseworlder)
  • Scacia de Ren (Indeterminatrix)
  • Chantelle (Cousin)
  • Harribeaux (Cousin)
  • Rupert (Cousin)
  • Kharon (Cousin)
  • Chistémas (Father)
  • Antigone (Godmother, former Houseworlder)
  • The Kraken (transdimensional squid)