Warlords of Utopia is a novel by Lance Parkin, originally published by Mad Norwegian Press, and part of the Faction Paradox fiction universe. The novel follows a series of events that culminate in a multi-universal war between the Roman Empire (centred around a universe where the Roman Empire never collapsed) and Nazi Germany (specifically an alliance of parallel Earths where the Nazis won and led by a council of Adolf Hitlers).

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Rome never fell. Hitler won. Now they are at war.

Marcus Americanius Scriptor’s memoirs of the war between every parallel universe where Rome never fell, and every parallel universe where Hitler won the Second World War, have long been regarded as the definitive account of that turbulent time.

Scriptor’s life story, from his early life among the housesteads of an obscure province to his role in the ultimate confrontation with Nazism, was intimately connected with the major political and social developments of his time. His highly personal record of events was praised even in his own lifetime for its honesty and intimacy, as well for capturing the scale of a war that consumed thousands of worlds.

This exciting new translation of a classic work of military history is accessible to new readers and existing students of the War alike.

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