The Enemy of My Enemy is My Enemy Edit

"The Enemy of My Enemy is My Enemy" is a short story by Jay Eales in the anthology The Book of the Enemy edited by Simon Bucher-Jones and published by Obverse Books.

Synopsis Edit

There is a power in the written word, many have used it to literally as well as figuratively change the world.

But from where do the ideas that power those written words come? Is there a secret spring of knowledge from which those gifted wordsmiths can sup? An otherworld of ideas that those so inclined can explore? A vast, indescribable stacking of possibilities that those in-tune with the flux of the cosmos can tap?

Where do they start, these world changing words?

For four people, the answer is different but their impact upon the world undeniable and their fates interlinked and woven together like the branches of a tree, or the scenes of a play orchestrated by shadow-y sceneshifters.

Notes Edit

  • Any resemblance to any individual, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
  • Honest.
  • No, you're imagining it.