The Baker Street Dozen Edit

"The Baker Street Dozen", by Elizabeth Evershed is a story in the anthology Tales of the Great Detectives published by Obverse Books in 2014. Like all stories in that anthology, it features various versions of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Like most of the stories from the Conan-Doyle canon, it is told from the perspective of Doctor Watson.

Synopsis Edit

A Watson is summoned to accompany a newly arrived Sherlock Holmes, specifically an anime inspired Remake created at the behest of his reborn animator Mr. Fujimoto, and named "Mr. Sherlock". The other Holmeses look down upon the awkward and cartoonish Mr. Sherlock and set him the task of finding a thirteenth Watson created by accident in a batch of twelve replacement Watsons.

To the chagrin of the other Holmeses, Watson and Mr. Sherlock discover that it wasn't a thirteenth Watson created, but rather a Moriarty. To their further annoyance, Watson insists that because Mr. Sherlock started the case, he be allowed to finish it. They pursue various leads in order to find the escaped super-criminal, ended up at a facility dedicated to the study of fictional criminals, a facility where amongst their inmates is one Professor James Moriarty....

Characters Edit

  • Doctor John Watson, Watson 221B-40
  • Mr. Sherlock
  • Mr. Fujimoto
  • James Moriarty
  • Fagin
  • Doctor Henry Jeckyll
  • Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle
  • Simon Newcomb
  • Dorcas Baynes

Notes Edit

  • The other Holmeses express great disdain towards Mr. Sherlock, considering the way he was written to be clownish and bumbling to be an insult.
  • Watson is surprised that Mr. Sherlock has a close relationship to his creator Mr. Fujimoto, most Remakes are programmed to keep a respectful distance from their reborn creators.
  • Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle still expresses a dislike of the Holmeses and the Great Detectives Agency, threatening to get a restraining order to prevent future contact (he previously attempted to murder one of the Holmeses in Eliminating the Impossible).