The Annotated Autopsy of Agent A Edit

”The Annotated Autopsy of Agent A” is a story by Simon Bucher-Jones in the anthology The Book of the Enemy published by Obverse Books.

Synopsis Edit

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 37th President of the United States of America, is dead, killed by a heart attack age 50 at the end of his second term as President. An agent of the Great Houses, fearing that their Wartime Enemy has infiltrated the 1970s, conducts an autopsy of the President and comes to some shocking and timeline shaking conclusions.

Notes Edit

  • “The Enemy” has not infiltrated (or infested) further back than what from a human perspective would be the 1950s.
  • It is suggested that “the Enemy” has no conception of time and instead moves from one “event” to another irrespective of time, often (from the perspective of linnear beings) backwards through time.
  • Although it is possible to create envelopes of ”paused time”, doing so for longer than 30 minutes of relative time (ie, time for people to act within the paused time) creates waves that are detectable by higher order technologies, such as those used by the Great Houses and those species who have been encompassed by “the Enemy”.