"Polymath, and container for more ideas than any other four people combined. May have written more words for Obverse than anyone else..." is just one of the inaccurate comments that have been made about him.

Simon Bucher-Jones (then Simon Jones, before his marriage) started his career as a published writer with 'a notable' entry in the Doctor Who Monthly drabble competition which was published in the charity collection - Drabble Who (1993).

In an example of how far he has extended his horizons his most recent writing has been five drabbles for the charity collection A Time Lord For Change (Chinbeard Books, 2016).

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  • Things To Do In Pornutopia When You're Dead (in Violent #13)
  • The King in Yellow - Sketches of A Masque (webcomic based on Le Roi en Jaune text, 2016)[2]

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  • Le Roi en Jaune, aka, "The King in Yellow: A new translation (Lulu and Amazon, 2015)

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  • Mr Kitling's Cakes, written in 2005 for the proposed charity fanthology The Cat Who Walked Through Time II. It is a sequel to The Big Cat
  • Passin' Through Judgement, written in 2005 for the proposed anthology Tales Of The Outre West
  • The Temple of Dagon (Chaosium "The Dagon Cycle", unpublished, 2004,kindle e-book 2012)

The collections for which these stories were written never saw print.

The stories are  available to read on Simon Bucher-Jones' blog

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