Happily Ever After is a High-Risk Strategy Edit

"Happily Ever After is a High-Risk Strategy" is a story by Blair Bidmead in the anthology Tales of the City edited by Philip Purser-Hallard for Obverse Books. As with all the stories in the anthology, this story addresses some of the ways rebirth in the City affects the common man, offering them second chances at life, or even a chance to build an entirely new life.

Synopsis Edit

Rebirth In the City of the Saved means a second chance humanity. How that second chance is used is entirely up to the individual. Five people, a human from the 1940s, a post-human Autoform and a visitor from the Houseworld, their former companion and a famous beauty find their lives crossing and interweaving. One is looking for a place in the City, one is rebuilding their lives after heartbreak, one simply wants to go home, one wants to change their destiny and one wants to escape their past.

Along the way, they'll share their stories ... and get involved in the Trojan War.

Notes Edit

  • Due to their bitter rivalry in their first lives, the Grecian and Trojan soldiers who fought at the Battle of Troy continued their rivalry in the City, but due to the immortality protocols, their contests evolved to take the form of contests of strength, stamina and speed. Or a beach party, depending on your perspective.