First Draft Edit

"First Draft" is a short story by Nick Wallace in the anthology The Book of the War edited by Simon Bucher-Jones published by Obverse Books.

Synopsis Edit

It has been said that a single idea can change your life. It has been said that a single idea can change the world. It has been said that the quintessence of "Voodoo" is that "an idea can kill". Some ideas are more powerful than others.

Few are as powerful as the idea of Dracula. Not the man. Not the terrifying and terrible man that Vlad Tepes was. But the idea of him. The one that Bram Stoker gave form and shape to. The idea that he set alight in the minds of billions to come.

And for a single member of Faction Paradox, inspired by the Loa, that idea might just be so powerful as to shape reality. To change the very fabric of existence by the very weight of it's existence.

Dracula isn't the Enemy, because Dracula isn't real... isn't he?

Notes Edit

  • Vlad Tepes was (within the fictional framework of the series) a real person who become tied up within the machinations of just about all the War-Time powers. He was also, categorically, not a vampire (despite many coming to believe that he was).