De Umbris Idearum Edit

"De Umbris Idearum" by Philip Purser-Hallard is a story in the anthology Burning with Optimism's Flame edited by Purser-Hallard.

Synopsis Edit

Imogen Tantry, xenotheologian to the Pope, is sent to Wailing's Lace in the 27th century in order to get to the bottom of a new cult that is gaining ground there, a cult calling itself "The Remote". She meets with a member of the cult who reveals himself to be from the 21st century, who reveals some of the workings of the Remote and why it could be called a literal resurrection cult...

Notes Edit

  • "Xenotheology" is the study of alien faith practices and doctrines.
  • Tantry had previously encountered War-era powers in Predating the Predators, specifically the Mal'akh.