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Cody Schell is a writer and graphic designer from the USA.

Writing for Obverse Books Edit

He's written many Iris Wildthyme stories, co-edited "Wildthyme In Purple", and was the creator and range editor of Senor 105.

Other writing includes three Dark Shadows audio dramas (The Flip Side, ...And Red All Over and The Hollow Winds That Beckon) and one short story audiobook as read by Matthew Waterhouse (Tuesdays and Thursdays) for Big Finish Productions..

Graphic Design for Obverse Edit

He has prepped almost all Obverse Books book covers for print. His involvement in the designs varying from simply adding embellishments to other people's art to completely creating all elements of the cover design. He often sneaks little details into the nooks and crannies of book covers, have fun looking for them!

Bibliography Edit

Iris Wildthyme Edit

Bernice Summerfield Edit

  • You Shouldn't Have in Secret Histories (Big Finish)

Dark Shadows Edit

  • The Flip Side (Big Finish, audio)
  • And Red All Over (Big Finish, audio)
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays (Big Finish, audio)
  • The Hollow Winds That Beckon (Big Finish, audio)

Senor 105 Edit

As writer Edit

As Editor Edit