Cobweb and Ivory Edit

”Cobweb and Ivory” is a story by Nate Bumber published in the anthology The Book of the Enemy edited by Simon Bucher-Jones for Obverse Books.

Synopsis Edit

It is said God is in the details, but the Great Houses don’t believe in God. For them, instead, “the Enemy” is in the details. A poor traveller, lost and confused is dosed with a potent drug that causes him to explore some of the finer details of existence and perhaps come face-to-face with his destiny... and a wooly mammoth.

Notes Edit

  • ”Cobweb And Ivory” bears a great deal of similarity to the mysterious “Saragossa Manuscript” first mentioned in the Appendices of The Book of the War.
  • The central figure of the tale possesses both an “Altertime Doorway” and a “transcendant lock pick” suggesting that he is a Member of the Great Houses.