All the Fun of the Fear Edit

"All the Fun of the Fear" by Stephen Marley is a story in the anthology Burning with Optimism's Flame edited by Jay Eales for Obverse Books.

Synopsis Edit

Barely escaping the Zozozogrons, valiant, if old fashioned, explore Reginald Forthman and his travelling companion Sister Pik Lim are summoned to the Eleven Day Empire. The Empire is threatened by a rogue moon ... a rogue moon that is wearing a dapper trilby and is inhabited by clowns.

Will this be the final blow that splits Frothman's stiff upper lip?

Will Sister Pik Lin find the right words to express herself, ideal avoiding the profanity filter?

What fate do rabid hordes of alternative comedians hold for Frothman?

and ... Where exactly does a moon buy a hat?